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NorCal Backcountry Skiing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jason Flaherty   
Sunday, 02 January 2011 00:00

NorCal Backcountry Skiing

With a snowmobile the access to good powder skiing can be had most days of the season. North aspects here in Northern California will keep good snow on them a month after a storm if the temperatures stay low enough. I had a great time skiing North of Lake Tahoe. Digging a pit to the ground, I found a very well bonded slope with almost 6' of snow on it. There was a wind slab about 5" thick due to some wind for a couple days out of the Northeast, however, I think it will bond well as the next system begins to develop over the next week.

I took out my Praxis Backcountry 190's for the first time. I got them mounted with some Dynafit FT z12 bindings from Village Ski Loft and have been getting used to them. The skis are the best backcountry skis I have ridden. The rocker in the tip makes all the different snow conditions you find in the backcountry much easier and safer to ski. The Dynafit's take some time to get used to! Where's the toe piece?! I stay in them just fine. I'll write more about this setup as time progresses.

Here's to La Nina!

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